Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Thoughts - It's been awhile

It has been too long since I have blogged. From writing articles for the newspaper, training myself, training my clients and working on CFAtv ( I have been super busy. The last 4 weeks have flown by and I imagine the next 4 weeks are going to go by even faster. Here are some random thoughts to make us all think a bit:

  1. I always advise people to work on finishing the year on a strong note. Now is the time to start thinking about what you want for the upcoming year. But instead of just thinking about it, take it to the next level and write down your goals and aspirations for the big year ahead. And yes, it will be a big year. A new decade. We are now in the "10's". With those written down goals, let someone look at them and keep them check in with that person every 3 months. It will keep you accountable knowing that someone will be checking in with you to see if you have made progress. Don't be stubborn, it will help.
  2. This debate about stretching has been going on for quite sometime now. Literally 5 years ago, I never really took time to stretch. I thought a few dynamic flexibility drills did the trick but I was wrong. Flexibility is so important for long term health. Whether you are a professional athlete or an 80 year old man, you need to stretch. Before, during, after your workouts, it doesn't really mater, just get it in. In a perfect world it is best to foam roll, static stretch and then warm-up, but sometimes we don't get to do it that way. Take some time out of your day to strecth, you will see a big difference in the way you move and perform.
  3. When was the last time you helped someone without getting paid or getting a reward for it. Character defines what you do when no one is looking. As a community we must be good people at all times. Go out and lend a hand and you will feel great.
  4. Ok now that Thanksgiving is done, we must get back to great eating habits. Focus the next 3 weeks on eating super healthy. Enjoy the Holidays but in moderation. It is crucial to get your workouts in and eat the right foods on a consistent basis. Stay on track to accomplish your fitness goals. Do not wait till the New Year, DO IT NOW!
  5. Successful people get up before 6:00 am. Start going to bed a little earlier and wake up early. Nothing too positive happens between 9:00pm-5:00 am anyways. Use that time to rest the body and get adequate sleep. Sleep might be the most important thing for good health. Sign up for an early morning workout to start the day on a positive note. You will see the difference.

Ok have a great week and do not except being average. Make it a great day!

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