Monday, October 5, 2015

Strategies for Limitless Living

(This blog will take you less than 4 minutes to read...)
Limitless living is my recipe to live life to the ultimate fullest.  This does not equate to some perfect and fairy tale life.  Living with a limitless mindset enables you to set and accomplish big goals, build strong relationships, battle obstacles, and ultimately live a passionate and happy life. It is very easy to get complacent and just "get by" everyday. Snap out of it! Complacency is for low-level performers.
See below for a few ideas and strategies that can help you live a Limitless Life.

  • Believe in yourself. Once you have a deep belief in your abilities and skills, basically anything becomes possible. Without self-belief, achieving goals is hard to come by because YOU always get in your own way. It's important to break down those self-limiting beliefs and build your personal conviction. Start with your morning rituals. What do you do? How do you start your day? Start by reading a positive story or book. Then eat a nutrient dense breakfast because without quality nutrition, it's hard to have the right mindset to believe in yourself. It's all connected. As you go through your day, be composed, patient and smile more. As you listen to your internal thinking, get rid of those non-supportive and self-destructing thoughts. Instead, replace with an encouraging thought, one that supports your goals. Continue this daily ritual until it is a habit. Once believing in yourself is cemented into your subconscious mind, the world is yours and big goals will be achieved. Just be consistent and fight through those tough times.

  • Surround yourself with positive and encouraging people. The bigger the dream, the more important the team.   When I was running 300 miles in 100 hours, my team was the reason I achieved my goal. My team kept me safe and healthy, fed me, and was there for positive support. I could not have achieved this massive goal without my team. If you aspire to accomplish any goal, you need to be around like-minded individuals who will support you along the way. It was pretty spectacular when we arrived in Santa Monica, after running from Visalia, all celebrating our momentous achievement; I looked around and saw nothing but positive, supportive and inspiring people. I was grateful for everyone's support and knew that it wasn't possible without them. I encourage you to build a world-class team around you. The right people in your corner will change your game and assist you reach massive levels in your life.
  • Progressive Action. Either you want something bad enough and you are willing to put in the work or you make excuses and blame others for why things are not getting done. It is your choice. Plain and simple, without constant ACTION, forward movement does not happen. Many people want certain things but are not willing to put in consistent action, then they become frustrated and quit. What will you do today to move you closer to your goals? Are you busy being busy? Or are you laser focused and productive in moving closer to your ultimate self? Action might be the #1 component for high performers and elite athletes why they have reached world-class levels. The uber successful people are action takers that are willing to do what it takes, day in and day out, to reach their goals and dreams. Let's do the same!
No easy way to your goals,
just take one step at a time. 

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