Thursday, June 3, 2010

3 workouts you are not doing

3 Workouts you are not doing

Most people get stuck in a rut with their workouts. They continually do the same routine day in and day out. This will cause staleness and boredom in a workout regimen and ultimately lack of motivation to consistently train and be active. The key to maximizing your fitness routine is thinking outside the box and having variety. You should not just start with these routines if you haven’t been working out consistently. Make sure you have built a solid foundation of fitness before hitting the workouts below.

It is very important to warm-up thoroughly before these routines. For more information on a proper dynamic warm-up, go to

Workout #1
Treadmill Intervals (fast walk, jog, run or sprint): 3 x 20 seconds on/20 seconds off
Bike Intervals (sprint): 3 x 20 seconds on/20 seconds off
Medicine Ball Overhead Slams: 3 x 20 seconds on/20 seconds off
Medicine Ball Chest Slams: 3 x 20 seconds on/20 seconds off
Medicine Ball Squat/Press: 3 x 20 seconds on/20 seconds off

*Rest 90 seconds after one completed round and perform 2-4 rounds of this circuit.
*This workout is meant to be short in time but high in intensity.

Workout #2
Instead of performing one exercise and then resting, try putting together 8 exercises and perform them in a circuit format. Here is an example:

*Perform each exercise for 30 seconds and then go right into the next movement
1. Push-ups
2. Stability Ball Leg Curls
3. Inverted Rows
4. Dumbbell Squat to a Press
5. Front Plank
6. Step-ups
7. Pulldowns
8. 2-Leg Hip Lifts
*Rest 60 seconds after one completed round and perform 3-5 rounds

Workout #3
This will be a mix of conditioning and weight training. After 2 weight training exercises you will go perform 5 intervals on the treadmill, bike or elliptical.

1a) Dumbbell Bench Press x 12
1b) Split Squat x 10/leg
1c) Treadmill Intervals 5 x 20 seconds on/20 seconds off
*rest 1 minute and perform 2-4 rounds

2a) 1-arm Cable Rows x 12
2b) Stability Ball Hip Lifts x 10
2c) Bike Sprints 5 x 20 seconds on/ 20 seconds off
*rest 1 minute and perform 2-4 rounds

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

An Epic weekend

This Memorial Day was a weekend to remember. I was going up north with my wife to visit her parents for the weekend. My plan was to train, relax and get caught up on sleep. I think I managed to accomplish the goals.

Saturday I woke up at about 7:00 am which is big time sleeping in for me. I relaxed, checked my emails and ate a light breakfast. I then packed my riding gear with the usuals: gatorade, gels, bars, CO2/tube, and money. I took off from Arnold, CA which is at about 3400 feet above sea level. Right from the beginning I am climbing and with exception to a few rollers and dowhnhills, the majority of the 1st half was up. As I hit 4500 feet, I started noticing some snow on the ground. As I continued making the path up, the snow would get thicker and thicker and the weather got colder and colder. Not too cold where it was uncomfortable but definitely a change in climate. As I hit 6000 feet, the snow was packed everywhere. I was telling myself, "This is alot of snow." I hit a point in the ride called "vista point", a beautiful look out point that boasted the snowy mountain caps and big redwood tress. I didn't stop long. I kept going.

As I hit the 7000 foot mark, I was now surrounded by thick snow and cold climate. I knew the dowhnill would be brisk. I made my way to Bear Valley, a cute little ski town, situated in the hills of Ebbets Pass. I stopped, filled up my bottles and began the venture back home. I cruised home very fast as most of it was downhill. Before you knew it I was out of the snow, in warmer weather and was finishing the ride. Overall I rode 58 miles with approximately 4000 feet of climbing. Oh and to top it off, I did a quick 3 mile brick run.

Sunday came with a burst of sunshine. I chomped down on a granola bar and a banana and took off on my run. This time I started down the hill towards Avery, CA, a town that populates a little over 120 people. I ran down the hill and went into Moran Road, a windy, hilly road that was perfect for a Sunday run. The 1st half of Moran Road was tough, giving me some tough hills to climb. I hit the 6 mile mark and turned around and it was fast till Highway 4, where I began the 2 mile jaunt up the hill back to the house. I finished this run off with a stretch and a hot shower! An hour later, I went to the park with Stephanie and her sister and I managed to kick a few field goals, shoot some baskets and did a quick bodyweight circuit. I finished the day off with a round of golf with the father in law. I won't brag but I kicked his butt...hahaha, JK Fred.

Now for the big day....

Well I woke up Monday morning with a thought that I would start riding home and Stephanie would pick me up on her way. I wasn't 100% sure I was going to do this. I took a shower, ate a great breakfast and decided, "what the heck, let's just do it." So I packed all my bags and gear in my truck before I left, got my bike ready to go and took off. I left at 10:00 am and I told Stephanie to leave at 12:00, figuring she would pick me up about 2 hours and 45 minutes later. Since the first 20 miles were fast and downhill, I got to Angels Camp in 50 minutes, averaging 24 mph. But this wasn't just an easy dowhnill ride. The roads I was riding had almost no to little shoulder on the side. "Kind of Dangerous" I kept telling myself. When I made it to the 90 minute mark, I had passed the 35 mile mark. With the dowhnills and the wind helping I was able to get through a ton of land. I made it to a small store and filled up on water, gatorade and ice. But I started to notice the masses of traffic on this next highway I would be taking. It was packed. I passed cars for about 4 miles. I quickly called Stephanie and told her to be patient and expect traffic and look for me later than expected in the drive. I was now figuring that I would be riding close to 70 miles. Luckily I had the proper fuel to get me through the ride. I continued along. Well time was flying as I saw the 50 mile mark, 60 mile mark and 70 mile mark. I was feeling good, riding fast and staying positive. Next thing you know I was at mile 75 and Stephanie pulled up next to me and the adventure was over. Overall 75 miles in 3 hours 40 minutes and a story to remember forever.

Total training for the weekend:
Biking: 133 miles
Running: 15 miles

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