Monday, March 18, 2013

Become an Optimistic Thinker

I am a big believer that when you create a positive outlook on life and yourself, you produce the ability to accomplish almost anything you desire to achieve.  This concept of optimistic thinking takes consistent mental conditioning.  Our brain is a powerful muscle and building a strong belief system in our daily life and ourselves is possible.  But just like we need weight training to build stronger muscles in the body, we need mind conditioning to build a strong and positive brain.  Below are strategies to work on daily to create optimism in your life. 

1.     Start your day with something positive.  The best thing you can do when you first wake up is to fill your brain with positivity.  In the morning, our mind is fresh and ready to take on the day.  The worse thing you can do is watch or read about everything negative happening in our world.  This is a mistake many people make.  I encourage you to find an inspirational story or video that will set you up for a successful day.  Filling your mind with optimism is the first step of reprogramming this thought process.  (try the video below)

2.     Be aware of your thoughts.  “Change your thoughts and you change your world”.  When I work with people on their nutritional habits, the first thing I have them do is write down all of their food.  This is such a critical component as it creates awareness for the individual of what and how much is going into their body.  It’s the same thing with our thoughts.  We must first be aware before we can make a change.  What is the first thought when you hit that alarm in the morning?  Is it, “Ugh, I just want to go back to sleep?”  Or  “Let’s take charge and create success today.”  What is the thought when you look in the mirror?  Is it, “I’m fat, I hate the way my body looks.” Or  “I am proud of the way my body looks.  I am working hard with my fitness and nutrition routine and I will continue to push myself.”  Get that thought in the head and quickly change it if it is a negative one.  You will see the benefit it will have on your day-to-day life.  

3.     Eat healthy and workout.  Your body and mind work together.  Optimizing the significance of each day runs parallel with taking care of your body.  That is why eating high quality foods and daily exercise are a must.  When you feel good physically you will feel even better mentally.  You will be more apt to battle through tough times and hard days when you are physically strong and resilient.  

4.     Surround yourself with optimism.  You have to take a close look at everything in your life.  Who do you surround yourself with?  What music do you listen to?  What type of TV shows do you watch?  What do you put into your body?  Trying your best to eliminate negativity will set you up to be successful.  This is easier said than done because of the society we live in.  Turn on the television right now and crime is happening, people are arguing over politics, TV shows are vulgar and offensive and it’s everywhere. This negativity can destroy any seed of hope that we may otherwise have in striving for our goals.  Do your best to put yourself in a position of consistent optimism.  Your mental state will become toxic if negativity is always in your life.  Exchanging negative thoughts and actions to positive ones will get you from being uninspired and de-motivated, to feeling uplifted and driven to greater self growth.  

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