Thursday, September 1, 2011

Living Healthy, more than a physical matter!

Living Healthy, More than a Physical Matter

Living a healthy lifestyle goes well beyond just looking a certain way. It’s not just about ripped abdominals, sculpted arms and lean looking legs. Being healthy is a mindset. It creates a state of mind that can get you through tough times, cherish the good times and can push yourself beyond the limits that are set. As physical goals are important to have, we must always take a step back and understand the real reasons to be fit and healthy. As most gym goers head to the gym, their initial mindset is to lose weight, or “tone” their arms, or get rid of the body fat around their stomach. Again, these are goals that can keep your motivation to train but let’s take a look at some deeper goals that can help create a healthy life, not just for aesthetics but also for a positive mentality to keep you living at high levels each day.

1. I do it because it makes me feel good. The feeling after a tough workout is exhilarating. When those endorphins (the feel good chemical that is released post-exercise) are kicking we are so stoked and excited following a workout. I see it all the time in the gym. People might initially come in for a workout in a negative, frustrated and exhausted mood but once they get going and start zoning out, their mood suddenly changes. When the workout is completed, the mindset is changed.

2. Healthy living creates discipline in my life. Everyday you need to expect greatness and in order to do this you must set goals, be productive, have good time management and have a positive mental attitude. Daily discipline will guide you to this way of life. When you decide to live a healthy lifestyle, you must build small daily disciplines in your life to live the life you want. Wake up and drink water, pack your snacks, get to work or school on time, eat every 2-3 hours, get to the gym, pick up your kids, prepare a healthy dinner, get to bed on time. Healthy living is about systemizing your life to get the most out of each day.

3. Creating the “Always do my best” attitude. At the end of the day if you only gave 60%, you just wasted a day. Start giving 100% everyday and watch your life take off. Every aspect of your life will improve. Each day try to give just a little more so you can truly maximize your life. Living a healthy life is not about being perfect. Give your best effort one day at a time and your vigor for life will improve.

4. I am a true believer in myself. When you have ingrained this healthy lifestyle into your life you will become a true believer in your abilities. Believing in yourself is how you can continue to reach new heights of performance, personal development and personal achievement.

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