Monday, October 7, 2013


Motivation must first come from within

In all my experiences in the fitness industry, the #1 reason people quit an exercise program is from a lack of motivation.  Starting the program is the easy part.  Staying with it over the long haul is hard work.  See the thing is, people look for quick results.  They expect to see results in their fitness program in a few weeks.  I am going to tell you right now, this is not how it works.  The first few weeks is just breaking the ice.  Don’t think 3 weeks; think 3 years.  The individuals who are the most successful with their fitness programs are the ones who decide to make it a lifestyle habit.  Yes, this person still must overcome obstacles, plateaus and lack of motivation but when it’s a habit, they continue with their program and bust through their discouragement. 

According to Wikipedia, motivation is the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal.  Motivation to wake up in the morning to prepare a healthy breakfast must come from within.  Motivation to get to the gym when you have “other” things to do must come from within.  Motivation to choose healthy options when out to eat, must come from within.  You cannot look for other people to motivate you when you do not have the inner drive to do it yourself first.  You must take the first step.  Once you have generated this motivation, I am telling you, the possibilities are endless.  You can now use others to spark that flame, give you inspiration and then many things become possible. 

Let me be upfront with you right now.  Obstacles are bound to happen.  Let downs will be in our path.  There will be a time when results will be halted and how you handle this will determine who you are as a person.  Successful people, who are fit, healthy and live with motivation, are able to overcome roadblocks and become stronger because of it.  They don’t look at it as a setback or something that cannot be handled.  They focus on the next positive thing they can do.  Maybe it’s a minor change to the workout design.  Maybe it’s dialing in the nutrition plan for a few weeks.  Maybe it’s finding a great fitness coach to guide and push them past their plateau.  Whatever the missing puzzle piece might be, you have to stay motivated to continue moving forward and going after your goals.  The worse thing you can do is quit, lie down and settle.  Don’t let this happen. 

How you do anything is how you do everything.  If you are motivated in your fitness routine, you will be more likely to find motivation to be a better business individual and this motivation will spread to your family and friends.  Your motivation will become contagious and others will be inspired to follow in your footsteps.  What do you do to find this motivation?  Well first, you must decide that you are going to consciously work on your inner drive.  You are going to ignore negative thoughts that enter your head.  You are going to construct a strong belief system in yourself and in other people.  You are going to push yourself past your comfort zone.  You are going to set ambitious goals.  You are going to surround yourself with other motivated and positive people.  You are going to create a game plan to be successful.  All of these tools will aide in your motivation.  You just have to be committed to working on them daily, weekly and yearly.  Honestly, do it the rest of your life.  Not the next 2 weeks, THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

Go write out some goals, create a few action steps for those goals and START!  Nothing starts without the first step.  I encourage you to get motivated and go after that dream.  Don’t stop until you get there, because when you get there, you are going to be motivated to keep going!

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