Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why do you workout????

  1. It makes me feel great.
  2. To increase my energy.
  3. So I can look good in my clothes.
  4. To be in the best shape of my life...Always!
  5. To be healthy
  6. To compete
  7. So I can be strong and fit
  8. To believe in myself
  9. It keeps me feeling young
  10. It increases my longevity
  11. It keeps me positive
  12. To release stress
  13. Because after a long day it is the best thing to do
  14. It starts my day off on a perfect note
  15. So I can be lean and healthy
  16. So I can keep up with my kids
  17. Because I want to hit the golf ball farther
  18. To stay mobile and flexible
  19. To increase my vitality

Set your goals, have a plan of action and go out and do what you have to do to conquer those goals. You can go as high as you want to. Just believe in yourself and stay motivated!

Have a great week!

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Sports Endurance Enthusiast said...

#21. To have a great outlook in life!

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