Monday, July 27, 2009


First watch this video of MMA athlete, BJ Penn "doing abs".....

I can not believe a top notch athlete like BJ Penn does not hire a trainer that knows about correct training. This exercise shown is RIDICULOUS! Do not every perform this movement (unless you want serious back pain).

It brings up some great points so we can at least learn from something so erratic like this....

  1. If you want to work your "abs" learn exercises to keep your lower spine stable and stiff (planks and side planks are great!). If you want to see your abs, change your diet (eat lots of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins at every meal, good quality fats and drink water all day). If you want more power in your core, buy a medicine ball and perform slams. Remember the "core" of your body is from your thighs all the way up to your rib cage and everything in between. Crunches are a waist of time (NO pun intended). Excessive rotation movements like the one in the video is a remedy for low back pain. Be smart and efficient with your training.
  2. BJ Penn is a great MMA fighter. He is good at what he does because he was born with a top notch skill. BJ Penn can do pilates and yoga all day and he will still be a great fighter. Imagine what he could do if he had a good program design. Look at George St. Pierre. This guy is a specimen. He was born with a talent and trains the correct way (trainer is Jon Chaimberg). He is the most explosive MMA fighter, pound for pound. Same thing with a Terrel Owens or a Reggie Bush. They are who they are because they were born with unbelievable athletic skills. They could be on any training program and still be great at their sport. Do not expect to look like Terrel Owens by just pushing some bands around (this is what he is shown doing when training). Most "regular" people need a structured program design to get in great athletic conditioned. Being random with your workouts is not the recipe for results. You need proper progression and structure so you can continue your improvement. Here is what we do at CFA:
  • Foam Roll/Soft Tissue Work - 8 minutes
  • Active Stretch/Activation/Dynamic warm-up - 12 minutes
  • Power/core/shoulder pre-hab - 10 minutes
  • Strength Tri-Sets or quad sets - 15 minutes
  • Interval Conditioning - 10 minutes
  • Cool down stretch - 5 minutes

Total: 60 minutes

3. Lastly, do not go to youtube to learn how to train. Yes, I have videos on youtube that can teach you some proper ways to train. But there are so many other training videos on their that are B.S.. If you want to learn how to train the right way, check out these websites:,, (yes that is mine), (Dewey Nielsen's blog), and

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