Wednesday, December 2, 2009

No excuses - Make your workouts short and intense

No excuses! Short High Intensity
Workouts for the Holiday Season

One of the top excuses I get during this time of the year is “I don’t have time to workout.” You have to make time in your schedule to stay active. Learn to plan your day around the time you want to workout. If you have kids then get your workouts in when they are at school or when they are taking a nap. You do not need a lot of time. You just need the right positive mindset. Below are three quick but high intensity workouts for you to do during these busy times. These workouts should be no more than 30 minutes.

Always perform a dynamic warm-up before starting these routines. A proper dynamic warm-up can consist of knee raise pulls, straight leg kicks and lunging variations. You can go to to see an example of a dynamic warm-up.

Workout #1 – perform each exercise for 20 seconds and rest for 10-30 seconds depending on your level; perform 3-6 sets depending on your time
1a) Jumping Jacks
1b) Front Plank
1c) Speed Squats – repetitive bodyweight squats
1d) Push-ups
1e) Jump Squats – focus on landing soft and balanced

Workout #2 – Treadmill Blaster (you can actually use any piece of cardio machine)
5 minute warm-up at easy jog pace
8 x 30 seconds on 30 seconds off gradually increasing to a medium speed
8 x 15 seconds on 45 seconds off gradually building to a fast speed
2 minute cool down walk

Workout #3 – perform this circuit 3-6 times through, depending on your time
10 Push-ups
10 Split Squats per leg
10 Hip Lifts

10 Inverted Rows

20 second front plank
10 Squat Jumps

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