Tuesday, June 1, 2010

An Epic weekend

This Memorial Day was a weekend to remember. I was going up north with my wife to visit her parents for the weekend. My plan was to train, relax and get caught up on sleep. I think I managed to accomplish the goals.

Saturday I woke up at about 7:00 am which is big time sleeping in for me. I relaxed, checked my emails and ate a light breakfast. I then packed my riding gear with the usuals: gatorade, gels, bars, CO2/tube, and money. I took off from Arnold, CA which is at about 3400 feet above sea level. Right from the beginning I am climbing and with exception to a few rollers and dowhnhills, the majority of the 1st half was up. As I hit 4500 feet, I started noticing some snow on the ground. As I continued making the path up, the snow would get thicker and thicker and the weather got colder and colder. Not too cold where it was uncomfortable but definitely a change in climate. As I hit 6000 feet, the snow was packed everywhere. I was telling myself, "This is alot of snow." I hit a point in the ride called "vista point", a beautiful look out point that boasted the snowy mountain caps and big redwood tress. I didn't stop long. I kept going.

As I hit the 7000 foot mark, I was now surrounded by thick snow and cold climate. I knew the dowhnill would be brisk. I made my way to Bear Valley, a cute little ski town, situated in the hills of Ebbets Pass. I stopped, filled up my bottles and began the venture back home. I cruised home very fast as most of it was downhill. Before you knew it I was out of the snow, in warmer weather and was finishing the ride. Overall I rode 58 miles with approximately 4000 feet of climbing. Oh and to top it off, I did a quick 3 mile brick run.

Sunday came with a burst of sunshine. I chomped down on a granola bar and a banana and took off on my run. This time I started down the hill towards Avery, CA, a town that populates a little over 120 people. I ran down the hill and went into Moran Road, a windy, hilly road that was perfect for a Sunday run. The 1st half of Moran Road was tough, giving me some tough hills to climb. I hit the 6 mile mark and turned around and it was fast till Highway 4, where I began the 2 mile jaunt up the hill back to the house. I finished this run off with a stretch and a hot shower! An hour later, I went to the park with Stephanie and her sister and I managed to kick a few field goals, shoot some baskets and did a quick bodyweight circuit. I finished the day off with a round of golf with the father in law. I won't brag but I kicked his butt...hahaha, JK Fred.

Now for the big day....

Well I woke up Monday morning with a thought that I would start riding home and Stephanie would pick me up on her way. I wasn't 100% sure I was going to do this. I took a shower, ate a great breakfast and decided, "what the heck, let's just do it." So I packed all my bags and gear in my truck before I left, got my bike ready to go and took off. I left at 10:00 am and I told Stephanie to leave at 12:00, figuring she would pick me up about 2 hours and 45 minutes later. Since the first 20 miles were fast and downhill, I got to Angels Camp in 50 minutes, averaging 24 mph. But this wasn't just an easy dowhnill ride. The roads I was riding had almost no to little shoulder on the side. "Kind of Dangerous" I kept telling myself. When I made it to the 90 minute mark, I had passed the 35 mile mark. With the dowhnills and the wind helping I was able to get through a ton of land. I made it to a small store and filled up on water, gatorade and ice. But I started to notice the masses of traffic on this next highway I would be taking. It was packed. I passed cars for about 4 miles. I quickly called Stephanie and told her to be patient and expect traffic and look for me later than expected in the drive. I was now figuring that I would be riding close to 70 miles. Luckily I had the proper fuel to get me through the ride. I continued along. Well time was flying as I saw the 50 mile mark, 60 mile mark and 70 mile mark. I was feeling good, riding fast and staying positive. Next thing you know I was at mile 75 and Stephanie pulled up next to me and the adventure was over. Overall 75 miles in 3 hours 40 minutes and a story to remember forever.

Total training for the weekend:
Biking: 133 miles
Running: 15 miles

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