Monday, February 24, 2014

Life is what you make it!

A new LEVINE has been born!  Bobbi Jo Levine was born on February 11th, 2014.  This new little bundle of energy has engulfed my family's life.  Wow!  The impact a newborn can have on a family is amazing.  It's quite a miracle to witness a child being born into this Earth.  It makes you sit back and realize the awesomeness we have been blessed with in our world.  I want to personally thank everyone for the unbelievable messages, cards, gifts and support we have seen.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! 

I hope you enjoy today's message....

Life is completely what you make it. I have committed to inspiring others to help them live life to the ultimate fullest. It is my desire to teach and mold other people to live analogous to this way of living. As battling tough times and life obstacles is a grueling process, living life with optimism, strength and significance only makes for better days. We are so blessed to have the ability to go after our goals and be the person we have always wanted to become.  Focus on the things you can control, not the things that you cannot control. Be willing to push your boundaries. Spread and grow your brain by reading inspiring work. Your health is your wealth so you need to spend time charging it up and taking care of it. Feed your body the most quality nutrition. Your energy and vitality is controllable.

Here are three quotes with some words of optimism to help you live life to the fullest each day:

Quote #1: Determination is stronger than weakness. I was at mile 285 of my 300-mile run. My body was beyond tired. My mind was telling me to stop. The fatigue was deep. But my spirit told me to get up and finish the journey. We all have deep and strong determination inside of us. The question is, "Are we willing to use it?" See weakness is the easy way. Weakness sometimes feels good. Weakness is the easy route. But weakness will not lead us to our goals. Determination is sacrifice. Determination is surrendering the things that will not lead us to our ambitions. Determination is hard. But when you become a constant user of your determination, abundant and successful living will happen.

Quote #2: You cannot build success on a foundation of excuses. Taking full responsibility for your life is a big step. The minute you start to blame others is the minute you quickly go the wrong direction. Be accountable for the things you want, the goals you aspire to achieve and the person you wish to become. Eliminate every excuse. Superstars, world class leaders and successful entrepreneurs' understand that how you run your brain matters. Excuse making will just feed negative information into your brain. When you make excuses and blame others, there really is no way to cure the problem. When you take responsibility and discover the things that you can rearrange, solutions can now be found. Resolution can happen. No one is to blame. Personal accountability is taken from each individual. This should become a life mantra, "Don't make excuses; go out and make it happen."

Quote #3: You must first believe you can before you do. Creating a powerful personal belief system sets you up to achieve your highest aspirations. The impossible becomes possible. The unachievable becomes achievable. I can't turns into I can. Your personal limitations start to shatter and your altitude begins to grow. Pessimistic thinking does not lead people to high endeavors. Block out the noise of negativity and create a strong and positive mindset. Focus on the positives. Feed your brain encouraging thoughts. Believing is the first step to reaching ultimate success.

Before you move on to the next thing or drift your thoughts onward, right now, take a deep breath. In through the nose.......out through the through the nose........out through the mouth..........
Do this a few times. Relax your body.  Get calm.  Collect your thoughts. Visualize your next move. See triumph.  Breathe optimism. Release negative. Smile and live hard.  And be ready to make today and everyday count!

Stay focused and keep living,  


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