Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Single Best Strategy for Productive Living

"If it's important to you, you will find a way.  If not you'll find an excuse."

Nothing works without consistency. In our society, too many people are looking for quick fix formulas that promise results. If you really want to be successful, productive, build a strong business, attain high levels of fitness and truly take advantage of life, then I recommend starting with this one strategy below...But do not expect over night results with this task. You need to complete this tactic every week, for many weeks; really for many months. It needs to become a habit. This discipline sounds strict and rigid but this consistent habit will free up time to do other things in your life.
A habit of mine every Sunday is to build my week ahead. Whether I am out of town or at home, I find a quiet place, turn on some soothing music and I start building my week. I take out a blank weekly design template that I stole from Robin Sharma. If you do not know who Robin Sharma is, I recommend you reading his blog and watching his videos. He is a leadership coach and consults with some of the biggest companies in the world. He is the author of the best selling book, The Leader Who Had No Title. His strategies have tremendously helped me lead a more productive and fuller life.

I first start by writing in all of my fixed appointments. These are the meetings or activities that do not change week by week. I know this schedule by heart but I still write them in my template. Next on the schedule is my family time. I find pockets of time during my workweek when my priority is my wife and daughters (morning time, dinners, activities, dates, etc.). During the weekends, I do not write in "family time" because that is my focus on most weekends, unless I am traveling. I then write in my personal workouts. I have my own performance goals so my training is very important to me. I usually schedule these workouts around my work and family schedule. I either work out really early, before my family is awake or take an hour out of my workday to make it happen. Since I own my own fitness training facility, this makes things easier for me to get my workouts in.  But don't make the excuse of "I don't have time to workout".  Make time.  Find time.  We all have the time, it's just utilizing our time effectively.  Once my schedule is completed for the week, I move on to the back page.

On the back of these time management sheets are my "to dos" for the week. I write down everything that needs to be done. Things like articles I need to write, any business tasks like marketing/finances/or staff communication, and any emails/calls that are needed to make. Once I complete a task, I highlight it, which gives me a sense of esteem and accomplishment. On the top of these sheets, I write out a "weekly focus message". This week was "Be into others.  Relationships are key".  This gives me a laser focused mindset on a specific idea that I need to work on all week. If I feel I need to focus on that specific idea more, then it becomes the next week's focus message.

Over time, this strategy has enabled me to reduce stress, tremendously increase productivity, spend more time with my family, build a better and stronger business, train and compete in triathlons and other running races, improve my relationships, have laser focus on my priorities and overall live a more enthusiastic way of life!

If there is one strategy that I recommend for personal productivity and life development, this it! I am not a fan of the "I don't have time" excuse. If it's important, I make time and it gets scheduled. My goal is to have 52 weeks in a row of these sheets filled out!

Set Big Goals, Start small and Act now!

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No let up and keep striving, 

Justin Levine  

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