Friday, August 12, 2016

How will you respond

Perfection is only something in the clouds. 
Striving for it creates a double edge sword. 
Because ambition can be an obsession. 
It can take you to your ultimate dreams and goals. 
It can take you to your best version of yourself. 
But when you allow this obsession to over rule humility and love,
now it becomes a relentless ego. 
When the ego is so relentless that it starts to take control, BOOM! 
Something knocks your world.... And you fall... you fall far and hard. 
How will you respond?

We need to become more humble human beings. 
When Life throws one of those curveballs,
be ready because your humility will be exposed. 
This is the ultimate test,
when you are faced with adversity,
what will you do? 
How will you act? 
What will you change? 
Will you change?
How will you respond?  

Looking at yourself in the mirror...
What do you see? 
Or do you see Love?
Maybe you see a few things.... that's ok.  This is a battle.

Me vs. Me

You vs. You

Who will win?

How will you respond?

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