Wednesday, November 2, 2016

If you don't jump, you will never know

Staring down, fear hits you,
You have no clue what to expect.
It seems so risky,
It may be.
Have you done your research?
What are the risks versus rewards?
What are the pros and cons?
Just know, that if you don't jump,
you will never know.
If you don't jump,
no reward can be claimed.
If you don't jump,
you risk mediocrity. 
Jumping and succeeding might be a game changer,
you will want to do it again.
The more you jump,
the more you learn,
the more you expand,
the more you grow.
Along the journey,
you will fail or not succeed,
and land face first.
Get back up, dust yourself off,
learn from your mistakes and keep going.
Just remember, by "jumping", you could change the world!

1.................2................3, GO!

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