Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just some random thoughts....

  • Have an open mind. If you think you know it all, you will not go anywhere in your Life. Learn from people who are successful and have strong values. Keep learning and watch yourself grow.
  • When you listen to a lecture you only retain 5% of what is going to be said. Lesson to be learned.....take notes. Write down things when you hear them and you are more likely to remember all those great things.
  • Just because someone is a "personal trainer" doesn't mean they know the right things to get you in shape. I have seen some "personal trainers" do the worse things possible for their clients. Remember, if you are a trainer, you have to be a teacher. Get your clients to do things perfect. Do not make excuses and do not get lazy. You have someone's life in your hands and if you get lazy, it could cost you. If you are a person looking for a trainer, make sure they are qualified and look the part. IF they do not practice what they preach you probably shouldn't be listening to them.
  • Always say thank you to the people that have helped you get to where you are at. Do not take advantage of your relationships.
  • Gatorade and power gels are not good for you. There is no nutritional benefit to these products. They are meant for replenishment of electrolytes and sugars during exercise. Do not just drink or down a gel if you are just "hanging out".
  • Did you know that the Leg Press machine at most gyms is probably one of the worse exercises to do. It puts unwanted stress on your lower back and works primarily the quadriceps without incorporating other muscle groups. If you want a blown out disk, then keep doing leg presses. Do a split squat or a 1-leg squat instead and you will see the difference.
  • I really enjoy college football on saturday's.
  • The sport of triathlon can get you to believe you can achieve anything. If you need something to train for, try a sprint triathlon. You can still lift your weights, you do not have to put in 20 hours/week of training time, and you can still have a life outside of training. But remember, once you complete a small event, you will get addicted and will want to see how far you can push. Be prepared for the craziness.

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