Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A day in the Life of Justin....

I got this idea from Mike Boyle. He gets lots of questions on how he has time for his writing, seminars, training, and his family/personal life.

So here are some ideas that could help to make your day a little more organized and enjoyable....

1. Like Mike, I believe in waking up early. I heard a quote a long time ago that says, "Successful people are up before 7." I wake up M-F at 4:30 am. I eat breakfast and watch a little sportscenter. I am at my gym by 5:00. I get there early to do any paperwork, write up workouts, read the newspaper, and just get 30 minutes of quiet time before any clients show up. I feel if you wake up after 9:00 am, the whole morning is wasted. If you want to be successful, start waking up early. I am usually at the gym from 5 am - 12/1 pm, then I take a break, which usually involves a workout and maybe a cat nap to energize me for the afternoon/evening.

2. Sleep is crucial. I am in bed by 9:00 the majority of nights. I need my sleep. With as much activity that is part of my day, I need rest. Some people say sleep is overrated; I totally disagree. If you lack sleep, you will be run down, lack energy, and higher your chances of getting hurt. You need 7-9 hours. None of this 5-6 hours of sleep. It is hard to make it through the day with minimal sleep.

3. I look at my calendar every sunday night. I look at my schedule of clients, I put my own workouts in the calendar, any personal related activities I put in the calendar, just anything that is going on for that week. Every seminar I go to talks about how successful people are super organized. Well I want to be successful, so I am going to listen and follow through. Time management and organization are critical to get your SHI* done. My own workouts are so important for me. I have my own performance goals and if I do not schedule myself then I will be overwhelmed to get them in. I add my workouts to my calendar as if I was a client.

4. Any break in the day from clients I sit down and read, write workouts, and write articles. I sometimes feel I need more time to do these things. I train between 5-8 hours training clients a day and my workouts are at least an hour a day. So, the day goes by fast. I need to read any chance I get. Whether it be strength and conditioning material, nutrition information, self growth, or business books, I have given myself a goal to read more. I need to learn from successful people. People that have been through the trenches and are gladly giving me the resources to learn from their mistakes. If I can read 1 hour a day, I am happy. I am just beginning down the path in this world and if I can get any ideas and hints to make things easier, I will take them.

5. I get back to work by 3:00 pm. And I try and leave my gym by 6:30 every night. That gives me time to spend with my wife. I have learned that balance is so important. I can't just focus on work, my workouts, and the things going on in my Life. I have to and I want to communciate with my wife on a daily basis. Sometimes after long days we are very tired and just are able to eat dinner together and then I go to bed, but anytime is good time.

I definitely do not know everything. What I do know that it is important to learn from others. I have a long way to go in this industry but I feel I am on the right path to success.

I have learned that most people make Life too complicated. Well it isn't that complicated. Be organized, be balanced, be humble, and be positive. The rest will come. Continue down the journey of a healthy and full life. Appreciate the people around you and inspire the people around you. Todd Durkin said to READY, FIRE, AIM. Just go do it. DO not over think things. There are so much opportunity out there for everyone. It is just a matter of making it happen.

Go out and GET IT!

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