Friday, January 23, 2009


Goals are so important to have. For personal development, business growth, and overall success. If you do not have any goals and are unsure of what is to come, then you better get busy figuring them out.

Here are a few of my goals that I want to accomplish in the upcoming year:

Increase clientele by 10%
Increase gross income by 15%
Read at least 45 minutes everyday on strength and conditioning material
Read 4 unrelated to fitness books (self growth, motivation, business)
Have 5 different speaking engagements
Volunteer my skills at least 3 times
Start thinking about expansion
Attend at least 1 national fitness seminar
Start constructing my DVD/book
Complete my half ironman in 5 hours 30 mins. or less
Complete the Wildflower Olympic course in 2:20 or less

Alright there you have it. This list can and probably will grow. As I continue to learn about myself and grow, I will add to the list.

Remember you can accomplish so much, it just takes hard work and commitment to achieve!

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