Tuesday, April 12, 2011

65 Ways to be Elite

We are in the middle of April already. This year is flying by. We are 28% completed with 2011, just like that! How is your year going? Use these 65 strategies below to become elite. Practice them daily, do them consistently and watch your life take off....

1. First thing when you wake up you need to read or watch something motivational. Get your day started with something positive.
2. Try and read a personal growth book a month. Reading conditions and educates the mind. You can start with "The 4 Agreements" by Miguel Ruiz. It's a life changing book.
3. Workout at least 4 times a week. And when I say workout, TRAIN! Working out increases endorphins and gets us accomplishing something for ourselves.
4. Eat nothing but fresh fruits, vegetables, lean fresh white meats, and healthy fats. If you eat healthy and nutritious food you will become elite.
5. Create a weekly list of all of your ideas and thoughts. Then highlight the 5 most important and start tackling those ideas. Do this every week.
6. Get a schedule and write in everything that needs to be completed. Add your work schedule, school schedule, kids schedule, your workouts, social events, everything that needs to be done. We only are given a certain amount of hours in a day, we must use them wisely.
7. After every training session make sure to have a post-workout meal within 30 minutes. Try 6oz. of orange juice with 1 scoop of whey protein or 1 yogurt with a piece of fruit. This is a must if you want elite results.
8. On Sunday, make sure to head to the grocery store to stock your house with healthy food. When you are prepared you will make better choices.
9. If you own a business, you must spend at least 30 minutes everyday on marketing your product. If you don't market you won't have business.
10. What are your goals? If you want true elite status, you will take the time to write down everything you want and when you want to achieve it. Type them out and highlight them and put them in a place where you will see them everyday.
11. Breakfast should be nutrient packed and eaten everyday. When you skip breakfast, you are telling your body to slow down and lack energy the rest of the day.
12. Core training is about anti-rotation and anti-extension movements. Stay away from repetitive crunching and twisting. Planks, side planks, farmer walks, core pressouts, chops, lifts and medicine ball slams are examples of core training.
13. Read anything by John Wooden. Coach Wooden knew how to live in a humble and positive way. He taught his athletes to not only be high level athletes but high character people. You can start with "A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court".
14. Start logging all of your workouts. If you want continued success in your training program you must track your progress and keep the stimulus on the body coming.
15. Quiet time is a must. Put away your phone, your Ipod, and turn off the TV. Try and do this 5 minutes everyday. You will recharge and center your thoughts.
16. Write down 20 things that could make you better. Highlight 3-5 of those things and go do them. Then repeat the process over and over.
17. Keep a big water bottle by your side everyday. Water is a must for elite performance and achievement.
18. Train for something. Pick a 5k, a mudrun, 1/2 or full marathon or a triathlon. Having a goal keeps you motivated and accountable to stay on track.
19. Surround yourself with the most positive and motivating crew you can find. Eliminate anyone that brings you down and is a bad influence in your life.
20. Cook your own food at least 85% of the time. Anytime you cook your own food it will be significantly healthier than restaurant food.
21. Eat lots of dark greens. Bell peppers, spinach, zucchini and red leaf lettuce are examples. These foods are loaded with nutrients and vitamins to get us performing at ultimate levels.
22. Take fish oil, vitamin C and a multi-vitamin everyday. Odds are we are not getting all of our vitamins and nutrients from food so we must supplement to max our intake.
23. Be adventurous. Try something new. This will stimulate the mind and excite you to live at higher levels.
24. Look in the mirror and recite your goals out loud. Do this everyday. Your subconscious mind will start truly believing you can achieve those goals.
25. Stay away from packaged and processed foods. Anything in a box or package is not as healthy as fresh food.
26. Workout with someone. The right training partner can help take your performance to high levels.
27. Foam roll and stretch at least 3 times a week. Tight and restricted movement causes pain and injury.
28. Try interval training. If you can't run, then walk fast up hill. If you can run, work your way to sprinting. If you don't like to run, get on a bike and do sprints.
29. Your warm-up starts your workout. Make your warm-up high energy and movement based.
30. Workout with fun training tools like kettlebells, battle ropes, medicine balls, dumbbells, sandbells and don't forget your own bodyweight. Create fun and motivating workouts that forces functional movement, mobility and flexibility so you live life to the fullest.
31. Train your mind to be confident and optimistic. Daily affirmations will condition your mind to become elite.
32. For motivation and fitness education read my blog: www.justinlevine03.blogspot.com
33. Dress clean, fashionable and look the part. If you want to make good impressions, how you take care of yourself is the first step.
34. If you are in the fitness industry you need to go to as many www.performbetter.com seminars you can. If you want continued growth in your business and professional in the fast growing industry these workshops are a must!
35. Go and read "The Generosity Factor". A great book about the impact someone can make when they decide to help and inspire others.
36. Go on at least 5 dates a month with your significant other. This relationship is your most important so cherish the times you get to spend together.
37. Get consistent sleep every night. Six hours a night is better than 4 one night, 8 another and 5 another. And anytime you get a chance, a 15-30 minute power nap can re-energize your vigor the rest of the day.
38. Eat every 2-3 hours during the day. This will keep your energy sustained throughout the day. Add a lean protein to each meal.
39. Laugh more. Laughing creates a feel good feeling. So surround yourself with fun, adventurous and happy people.
40. Say hi to more people. Don't be afraid to greet more people with a smile and friendly hello. Happiness is contagious and a smile can go a long way.
41. Always do your best. After a day is completed and you only gave 60% you wasted opportunity to get a little better. Take advantage of each day by giving 100% every day.
42. Get truly committed. Whether it is at work, school, a fitness program, with your family or with your friends, be fully committed. Don't just do something half ass. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing to the max!
43. Help a stranger. Your true character is what you do when no one is looking. Give some food the the homeless or volunteer to kids in need. Talk about being elite!
44. When your feeling a little down and defeated, go watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIcwkn7fl-I
45. Workout like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwVLe871j34
46. Focus all of your attention on the tasks that are urgent and will be of greatest value to you.
47. One hour of reading everyday. If you do this for a whole year you will enhance your knowledge big time.
48. Next time you workout, bring a friend or family member with you.
49. Don't be afraid to stand up for what you represent. If it's a specific workout program, a religion, situation at your job, whatever it is be true to yourself.
50. Always know your word can mean so much. We have the power to affect people in such positive ways. But vice versa we can defeat and derail others as well. Let your word be optimistic and life changing.
51. Listen to this great audio book on personal development, its life changing: http://www.amazon.com/Art-Exceptional-Living-Jim-Rohn/dp/0743529065
52. Be a positive "Hustler". Go out and create your own luck. Fortune and wealth will not just sit in your lap. If you want big things then you will do big things everyday to get what you want.
53. When challenging times arise, stay focused and be determined to get over the speed bumps. Just remember without challenge you do not get better. So except the challenging times and be strong and you will get better.
54. Stay humble and never get to the point where you think you know it all. There is always room to improve - no matter who you are.
55. Make time to workout. Do not let that be an excuse. All you need is 30 minutes. Do this workout if you are buckled for time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qjv3y9K6oo
56. Becoming elite in the sport of triathlon means you need balance and injury prevention. You will learn that is my ebook, "The Complete Triathlete".  Shoot me an email and I will send you a FREE download.  
57. Make yourself homemade trail mix for a healthy snack during the day. Add raw almonds, raw soy nuts, sunflower nuts and raisins. Grab a couple handfuls during the day to keep your energy high.
58. Speaking of recipes try this one: 1 can albacore tuna, 5 cherry tomatoes, 1 chopped pickle, 1/4 cup of black beans and 1-2 tablespoons of mustard. Mix together and enjoy as a tuna salad. Very healthy for elite individuals.
59. If you made it this far, GREAT JOB, send me your email because you just won a free 30 minute phone consultation with me.  Let's connect and I will give you some real world strategies to help you reach your goals.   justinlevine03@hotmail.com
60. Always think before you speak. Be conscious of that 3 seconds before you are about to say something and process it first. Ask yourself, "How will it affect the person I am talking to." Always be self aware, it's a sign of elite professionals.
61. At the beginning of the week write up a menu of the food you will eat each day so you are fully prepared to eat healthy and accomplish your fitness goals. Preparation is the key to a successful fitness and nutrition plan.
62. Next time you go to the gym, work extra hard. You do not get results in the gym by going easy and doing what you did last week. Keep pushing!
63. Focus all of your attention on the essential things in your life. Family, work, school, your health, your friends and your spiritual life. Stay focused on the important stuff.
64. Write out the 1 thing that will truly make you happy. Love, money, health, family, God, friends, what is it for you? Write it out in big read letters and place it where you will look at it everyday. Keep your eye on the prize!
65. Keep reaching for ELITENESS! The climb is trecherous but you will get to the top, just keep going, one step at a time!


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