Friday, April 15, 2011

What Motivates You to wake up everyday....

Caitlin Summers I'm motivated to wake up and work hard because of the feeling I get when I step on the softball field. I feel unstoppable, free, I feel like the luckiest person on the planet. That feeling motivates me to challenge myself so that I can continue to have that feeling as long as I can.

Murrell John Rizon
the fact that I'm alive

Stacy Grinsfelder
Without a doubt it is my family. I love modeling a strong, confident and healthy mom to my four children. When I see my husband and kids cheering me on at the marathon finish line I know that all the hard work has been worthwhile. As a family, they all work together to help me achieve my fitness dreams. I recognize their sacrifice, and that motivates me to never give up.

Jay Damo

Once an athlete, always an athlete. No matter if you're still in competition or not, that drive & passion will always be there & those 2 things can never be taken away by anyone. There is always room for improvement and excellence. only just gets better. Be the one that gets ahead while others are taking time out. :) My motivation: to be able to pass down what I, as an athlete, know to only better themselves. That goes for my HS team I coach & my team over at the coast. :)

Joshua Hickey

Begin with the end in mind & embark on the journey to improve. There is an elite athlete inside each of us & we must work and sacrifice to make this transformation until you reach the state where you look at yourself in the mirror & the el...ite athlete inside you is jumping out of your skin. My favorite story is I'm running airport loops today because someday these runs will take me on one of those planes to somewhere great, Boston, Kona and beyond. Health is the true wealth, my goals are not directed toward growing old with money but rather investing my time to grow old using training as the fountain of youth so I can still play outside like a kid in my later years. In hind side, no amount of money you have in your later years to spend on a doctor can replace the years you investment today in your training & healthy lifestyle. Time is the true asset, you can't buy it back so invest that time in your health wisely.

Stephanie Johnson

This is a great question. I am motivated by the unlimited opportunities available in this world. The possibilities in life are endless when one strives for excellence. Excellence is doing more than others see necessary. It takes commitment,... perseverance, consistency, hard work and most important action. Nothing happens 'til someone does something. It doesn't take 100 years to reach your goals. Strive for excellence you may surprise yourself.

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Sonia said...

To celebrate LIVING LIFE! I was 19 when I lost 2 wonderful women to breast cancer, my Mom & my sister inlaw, my brother in law @ age 36 hadn't aheart attack just 2 weeks ago!what motivates me? To be an example of health & fitness too all my family, to put live whole food in a live body,not dead food in a living body! To move & be active.In this last year I've ran 3 full marathons & 4 1/2 marathons, 3 5 k's, now I have motivated my family old & young, it's only the begining & with the Lords help I hope to keep this healthy lifestyle into my old age.

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