Wednesday, June 29, 2016

4 tips to build your ideal lifestyle

1.  Stay all around fit.  When searching for your ideal lifestyle, you need to be fit inside and out.  You need to have physical strength to keep up with the demands of life.  You need to be internally fit to reduce your chances of sickness and disease.  You need to be spiritually fit to stay centered and focused on the present moment.  You need to be mentally fit to engineer your life the way you want to live.  You need to be emotionally fit to communicate well and handle the stress of day-to-day living.  You need to fuel your body nutrient dense foods (most of the time) to maintain a high performing physical self.  By combining all of these components, you will improve your productivity, gain laser focus on your ambitions, develop discipline and tenacity and ultimately create a clear vision of your ideal lifestyle.  Once you recognize this vision, these above components will energize you to attack life everyday. 

2.  Learn how to build supportive habits.  Ultimately, your habits dictate the life you want to live or the life you wish not to live.  Everything we do in life is habit.  Brush your teeth.  Drink the coffee.  Eat breakfast.  Smoke the cigarette.  Drive to work on the same roads.  Drink alcohol after work.  Whatever it is, it’s your habits that manufacture your lifestyle.  For example, if you want to get in great shape, you need healthy and supportive habits.  Start small and make drinking water a habit.  Once that becomes automatic, then add in 2 more servings of vegetables.  Once automatic, then add more protein.  The snowball effect will ensue.  Keep going through this process of small habit change and do this for months, even years.  Your lifestyle will eventually evolve.  Studies suggest that it takes at least 66 days to form new habits in your life.  Be patient, be consistent, and stay on course.  If you slip up, stay optimistic and move on to the next day.  In the end, stay accountable and build habits that will set you up to live your ideal lifestyle. 

3.  Be optimistic.  I am a firm believe that positivity sets you up to live your ideal life.  I am not sure if there is research on this subject, but I can bet that your odds increase of you achieving your goals and ambitions when you live a positive life.  Optimistic people flock to optimistic people.  And when you are constantly surrounding yourself with positive, motivating and inspiring people, you will tremendously raise your chances of living a great life. 

4.  It’s all about personal growth.  This is the foundation.  Personal growth is your total self.  When you are relentlessly working on improving who you are as a person, you are bound to live the life of your dreams.  This is not a cookie cutter and fallacy approach.  You are tenacious and proactive.  You are driven and hustle everyday.  You know that ACTION is required.  You understand that it’s a long-term philosophy.  You are life long committed.  Read the good books, go to the workshops, enhance your communication, listen well, take notes, take time for stillness, and most importantly, be audacious!  Audacity is needed when you are going for your ideal life.  It will get hard and you will be scared but stay brave and fearless because if you keep going, your ideal life is bound to happen.    

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