Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bullet points from my talk with a local business

Just spoke to a local business... here were my bullet points:

-I started with a series of questions...Did you brush your teeth this morning? Did you do something to your hair? Did you go to the bathroom when you got up? Did you drink a cup of coffee? Did you drive to work the same way as you did yesterday? See we all live life based on our habits. So that means HABITS CREATE THE LIFE YOU LIFE! If you want something, it is vital to build the habits and daily rituals to achieve that something. 

-With that, don't overhaul your lifestyle. Start with tiny adjustments. Be consistent. Celebrate your small victories. If you keep going, you will get the results. Studies suggest that it can take a minimum 66 days to instill a habit. Don't quit!

-There is no finish line; this was a major point that we discussed. The way I teach fitness and wellness is that you must create a lifestyle. You can have short term goals to go after but you must create the mindset that this is life long. You keep going. Be tenacious. Accept the roller coaster. But just keep going!

-Master the fundamentals. Masters of business, masters of karate, masters of football, masters of golf, masters of marketing... They all have mastered the fundamentals...AND continue to do the fundamentals. If you master drinking water and eating vegetables, you will be on your way to getting in the best shape of your life. It starts with the basics!
-BE YOU! This is a big one. Don't compare YOURSELF to anyone. Be YOU! Find YOUR passions. Find what works for YOU. Explore YOUR possibilities. Look YOURSELF in the mirror and accept YOU. Yes, continue to improve YOU, but if YOU are not ok with YOU right now, in this moment, YOU will only get so far!

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