Sunday, January 2, 2011

Climbing the Mountain Starts With The First Step

It is the first week of January. It's a fresh start to a challenging climb. The year starts off with an abundance of energy, motivation and exuberant attitudes. People are "ready to roll". See, most people do not recognize that you can create a magnificent year. You are in charge of your "lucky" decisions and experiences that come your way. If you devise a game plan and manufacture a step by step program to conquering your goals, guess what, you will....

Do not wait for "lucky" times to come your way. We can not sit and wait for "our lucky break" or that winning loto ticket. We can not just expect lean and sculpted bodies. We can not expect to get some form of pleasurable results without hard work. That is the foundation of accomplishment. If you watch Joe Paterno, Urban Meyer, John Wooden, or Phil Jackson do their job, they are top of the food chain hard workers. They are advocates of discipline, personal development and mental awareness. That's why they are successful.

Well you can be super successful too, in your own way. You can have plenty of wealth and happiness and powerful and strong relationships if you decide now, to be elite.

So the mountain is high. We will drive up that beast, step by step, day by day, month by month until we reach the top and celebrate personal growth, strengthened character and higher achievement.

If you are serious and want results you will write down your goals with the necessary steps to succeed. Don't wait, don't say "it's in my head", don't just write them on scratch paper, take the time to sit down and contemplate what YOU WANT this year. Then type them and print them out, and highlight each goal and set them in a place where you will look at them everyday.

This will be a fast moving, inspiring and high level year. And with dedicated minds and positive attitudes, you will get to the top and commemerorate the journey.

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