Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Read These Books

5 Fitness Books You Should Read

Ok, I am going to give everyone some homework this week! I need you to go out and buy these five books that I mention below. I feel like a 3rd grade teacher giving out reading assignments but the books I have referred below can dramatically change your outlook and knowledge in the areas of personal growth, fitness, nutrition and health education. You can get any of these books at www.amazon.com.

1. IMPACT Body Plan by Todd Durkin. This book is not only a great workout resource but it will give you tools and strategies to improve your personal growth and development. Todd Durkin is a leader and motivator in the fitness industry and trains some of the top football players in the NFL, including Drew Brees and Ladamian Tomlinson. Todd’s motivating attitude and high tempo workouts will get you energized and feeling on top of the world.

2. CORE PERFORMANCE by Mark Verstegen. Coach Verstegen is an innovator in the sports performance industry. His unique program was the foundation to the functional training era. This book gives you simple life, workout and nutrition strategies to not only enhance your physical prowess but will also assist with your confidence and self-esteem in your every day life.

3. FUNCTIONAL TRAINING FOR SPORTS by Michael Boyle. This resource changed the way strength and fitness coaches trained. Because of Coach Boyle’s training, we no longer looked at training muscles in isolation. Instead, Coach Boyle began using full body athletic movements to train athletes so they could maximize their individual sport skills. Boyle’s simple methodologies are perfect for any individual looking to get in the best shape of their life.

4. THE FEMALE BODY BREAKTHROUGH by Rachel Cosgrove. This cutting edge manual gives real life stories of hard working women who decided to change their life with exercise and nutrition improvement. Rachel gives basic strategies to women to improve their self-esteem, their self worth and their overall mindset. The tools in this book are not just for women, though, they can be used for any individual looking to enhance their strength and conditioning levels.

5. THE ART OF EXCEPTIONAL LIVING by Jim Rohn. I know this is not a “fitness” book but this book can single handedly change your life. If you practice the strategies Mr. Rohn lays out for you, you will become a more optimistic and stronger person. Your everyday life will improve and you will learn to live life to the fullest.

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