Thursday, January 9, 2014

5 daily practices to give you awesome days

You need to take 10 minutes to read today’s blog.  Not only am I giving you 5 extremely important practices to add to your life but also I want to feed inspiration into your veins.  Inspiration is the fuel that wakes you up in the morning with a positive mindset.  It gets you to the gym when you “have other things to do”.  Inspiration drives motivation in to your brain, which then creates the action needed to accomplish your biggest goals.  Inspiration gives you the “hustle mentality” and as we know having extreme work ethic drives success.  We cannot get caught in living our life mediocre.  This leads to average relationships and financial health, inadequate physical and spiritual well being and subpar living.  We all have the opportunity to do big things and it takes personal responsibility to make this happen.  Stay away from excuses.  Stay away from pessimism.  Stay away from unhealthy ways.  Direct your attention to positivity.  Be accountable.  And be laser focused in becoming the best you can be.  Everyday counts, so start right now in readjusting your thoughts and ways.  Add the 5 practices below to your day starting today.  Don’t wait.  With everyday you wait, you waste opportunity.  Go for it now!  And watch your life take off!

5 Daily practices to give you awesome days:

1.     Workout.  Working out releases endorphins.  Secretion of endorphins leads to the feeling of euphoria or excitement.  If you want to succeed in life, you must be healthy.  Healthy doesn’t mean you have a 6-pack ripping through your shirt or bulging biceps.  Healthy means balance.  Healthy means you have freedom to move pain free and be active.  Being healthy means you do not have anything holding you back to achieve greatness.  This should be imbedded into your weekly schedule.  One hour a day is only 4% of your entire week.  We all can spend 4% of our week focused on our physical strength.  Our physical strength is directly related to our mental and spiritual well-being.  So if you want to reach your ultimate self, exercise is mandatory. 
2.     Read something motivational and inspiring.  Many people get up and immediately turn on the news or read the newspaper.  As keeping up on social and economic affairs is important, I do not recommend it be the first thing you do in the morning.  The morning is the perfect time to feed positive vibes into your brain and wake up that inner motivation.  This initial daily practice will build momentum for you to have not just good days but fantastic days.  Starting your day with an inspiring story or a motivating book will develop optimistic thinking.  As these positive thoughts are put into your mindset, positive action will ensue.  Positive action leads to the accomplishment of some ambitious goals.  Start with these guys: Jim Rohn, Robin Sharma, Brian Tracy and John Maxwell. 
3.     Focus on the positives.  “How’s your day going?”  “Well, just getting through another day”.  This might be the most negative view of life.  But yet, I hear this answer to that question so much.  Too many people just “get through the day” when there is so much we can get from the day.  Each day is not just “another day”.  If you live with this philosophy you are probably the one making excuses, blaming other people and not taking responsibility for your life.  Each day is full of opportunity, growth, wellness, motivation, relationships, perseverance, and so much more!  When you decide to direct your thoughts to this positive outlook, your days will improve.  You will hold yourself accountable to your goals.  You will start achieving those goals.  You will find resilience when times are tough.   This simple mindset shift can have a dramatic affect on your life. 
4.     Drink water.  Every single cell in our body needs water in order to absorb nutrients and expel waste products.  Headaches, poor energy levels, lack of focus and subpar performance are just a few side affects of dehydration.  Many people go through their day without drinking enough water.  This simple strategy can jumpstart your energy, improve your athletic performance and increase your cognitive function.  First thing in the morning, grab a glass of water instead of reaching for the juice or coffee.  Make sure you have a water bottle by your side the entire day.  You are more likely to drink water if it is in arms reach. 
5.     Inspire others.  If you can make this a daily practice you will completely change the community and world you live in.  Start with two people a day.  Do a good deed, buy them lunch or send them a positive story.  If you truly do this everyday, that equates to 14 people in a week or 728 people in a year.  You change the world you live in by inspiring others to be great.  The positive change one person can make can be remarkable.  It just takes daily action.  

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