Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Big Things in 2014 - Action is required

We are 7 days into the New Year and motivation and energy should be high.  The New Year seems to revitalize people’s vitality and liveliness.  Goals are set, plans are created and the “plane is lifting off”.  What will you do differently this year to keep this way of life consistent? 

Too many times, people set limits on themselves.  Most of the time these limits are self-imposed and I am telling you now, you can break through those limits and accomplish big things in '14.  There will be major obstacles that will sit in your path in the upcoming year.  How you react and respond to these obstacles will define you as a person.  The worse thing you can do is quit, lie down and give up.  Do the opposite.  When these obstacles arise, get up, move forward and push harder.  Believe in your abilities, surround yourself with supportive people and find your inner determination.  This will take major ACTION. 

Be unique in '14.  Reinvent yourself.  Go against the grain.  Have the tough conversations.  Be passionate.  Be honest.  Show courage.  Inspire others.  Get super fit and healthy.  Eat the foods that will give you strength and stamina.  Get laser focused to make these things happen. 

This year, more than any other, go for the ultimate.  Do not give in to pessimistic people that will not support your goals.  Do not accept average.  Stay away from stagnation.  Find motivation in the toughest of times.  Push yourself harder than ever before.  Help others find inspiration.  The LIMITLESS mindset is in our control.  Constant ACTION will be needed for this to happen. 

As 2014 sits in front of us, it is completely up to YOU to do the things you aspire, reach the goals you set and push your comfort zone.  Go all in my friends!  Stay on track the entire year.  Simply, make it happen.  This will be a big year and big action will be required.  

Here are 4 daily tactics from Robin Sharma that I want to share with you:

Tactic #1: Do a Daily Goal Review. We live in a time of intense noise and distraction. It's just too easy to start off these first few weeks of this New Year being really really busy chasing the wrong things. So, my suggestion: every morning--while the rest of the world is asleep--take just 5 pure minutes to reread and then actually rewrite your top five 2014 goals. This will boost your focus dramatically and imprint them with total clarity on your subconscious mind.

Tactic #2: Go Complaint-Free. You empower everything you complain about. You strengthen the negative things you speak of. And you energize the problems you vocalize. To nail your 2014 goals, go on a 90 Day Complaint-Free Diet. Enough said.

Tactic #3: Clean All Messes. Masters of Goal Achievement are minimalists. They get that messes create distraction. And distraction reduces your power to achieve every goal you set. The messy office+the disorganized home+the dirty financial life+cluttered mind all weaken your ability to bring your natural laser-like focus to bear on your greatest desires.

Tactic #4: Become an Incrementalist. Bottom line: 5 little goals done a day lead to 1850 goals achieved by December 31, 2014. An awesome work and personal life is more about evolution than revolution. Get serious about the small wins. 

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