Friday, January 17, 2014

Motivation, Focus and Effort - Game Changing Words

Motivation, focus and effort.  These are the words that I taught 75+ elementary kids during their training session this last week. A sudden abundance of excitement and enthusiasm came over me when I was coaching them.  These kids are starving for positive mentorship.  I strive to be their chisel to guide their minds to life, optimism and wellness.  At the beginning of the session, I brought the group around me and began my pre-workout lesson.  I told them they “would be learning three valuable words today”.  I passionately expressed that these words could help them achieve high endeavors.  “You could become doctors, business owners, high level athletes, and reach lofty heights when understanding these words.  When these words become stuck as habits, you can achieve your goals.”  As I finished the workout and was walking back to my truck, it hit me.  These words are not just for kids; this is for any individual looking for monomaniacal living.  Oh you like that word right?  Monomaniacal is defined as intense enthusiasm for a specific subject or idea.  Life needs to be lived with intense enthusiasm.  To me, there is no other way.  This life philosophy gives you a wealth of inspiration, passion and desire.  Attaining motivation, having laser focus and showing strong effort in all that you do will guide you to more abundant living. 

The Three Words that can change your life…

Motivation.  Motivation is a powerful word.  Inner drive to do pretty much any task, strategy or action step to achieve a specific objective is motivation.  Motivation must first come from your inner soul.  You cannot use other people until you have lit the flame.  Once the motivation flame is lit, now others can help you grow and maintain the fire.  When you find a time where motivation has deflated, you must quickly find ideas, people or stories that will help you regain the drive.  Motivation is a trait that all of us can express.  Live with enthusiasm and stay motivated to do so. 

Focus.  Focus gives you direct attention to a task, goal or mission.  We live in a busy world where our focus is always being pulled in many directions.  The old saying goes, “If you try and do everything, you will be good at nothing.”  Become laser focused on your most important priorities.  Master major things.  Do your ultimate best on a few projects, instead of being average on many.  This focus will give you ultimate direction to achieve your highest endeavors. 

Effort.  Effort alone can be a game changer.  Winston Churchill said, “continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking your true potential.”  You do not have to be the strongest, biggest, smartest or fastest; just by expressing more effort, you become a better YOU.  You expand.  You grow.  You reach ambitious goals.  You strive for excellence.  This trait takes you to your ultimate best you. 

Write these words down.  See them everyday.  Work on them.  Share them to other people.  Instill them in your life.  Your life will change.  

Stay Inspired!

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