Thursday, February 26, 2009

10 "Get Fit" Strategies

Here are 10 simple strategies to get in the best shape of your life within the next year of your life. Remember just like anything you must TAKE ACTION! Getting results do not happen sitting on your couch eating Dorritos and drinking soda.

  1. Like Nike says, Just DO IT. Do not start after the weekend. People always tell me, "Justin I am going to start working out Monday." Why not just start now. There is no better time to start then that very minute. Start by eating healthy the next meal or that night get a workout in. You are waisting time if you "wait till monday".
  2. Stay away from processed foods. Your main source of calories need to come from fruits, vegetables, and lean protiens. The more active you are the more complex carbohydrates you need. If you work at a sedentary job then you do not need many carbohydrtes. Also, corn is not good for you. Anything with corn in the ingredients you need to stay away from. Corn is a grain and grain will cause you to gain wait or will keep you from losing weight. Eat frequently, eat clean and eat fresh. Food is fuel and who wants bad fuel in their bodies?
  3. Be consistent. Results do not happen overnight. They take patience, time and a consistent approach. There is no magic diet or workout plan. It is hard work and sweat. If you workout and eat healthy you will get results. Just put in the time. You can not get the your "perfect" body in 12 weeks. If you make it part of your life you will reap the huge benefits.
  4. Do intervals not steady aerobic training. Unless your goal is to compete in a long distance event you should never run long and slow. For ultimate fat loss and muscle building results you need to do short high intensity interval training. Whether your interval is a fast walk up an incline on a treadmill or a sprint out on a track, you will benefit more from this type of training. Other methods include medicine ball circuits, bike sprints and bodyweight circuit training. Your metabolism will increase, you will build strong lean muslce and you will burn fat all day long.
  5. Don't bodybuild. Bodybuilding is an old school method. Most bodybuilders are not truely "fit". Yes they look good, well if you are into that type of body but you have most bodybuilders do high intensity training, they would be huffing and puffing. And if you are a bodybuilder and do not believe me, come into my gym for a workout and you will see. You should never go to the gym and just lift your chest or just your shoulders. It is completely a waist of your time. Being fit is working your entire body with function and balance, having stability in your spine, mobility in your hips and being able to move freely without any limitations.
  6. Eating is huge. Yes I used nutrition as another point. It is that important. If you want to look a certain way but are eating bad you will never achieve your goals. It doesn't matter what workout program you are on. It can be the best ultimate fat burning workout there is, but if you are eating cheeseburgers and fries everyday you will never get results.
  7. Get sleep. Sleep is not overrated. The body is meant to sleep at least 7 hours a night. When you are putting in time to train and exercise the body you must make it a priority to get adequate rest for recovery and regeneration. When resting your body is at prime time to recover and build back stronger. Without rest you will breakdown and eventually get hurt....then you can't train!
  8. Push yourself. Yes you have to learn to push yourself in your workouts. You do not get results by just going to the gym and going 80%. You need full effort and sometimes you need to step out of the comfort zone. The body adapts well so you must continue to push yourself to stay away from plateuing. Even you women out there, you need to lift weights. Lifting light 5 pound dumbbells with 20 plus repetitions will do nothing for you. Stimulate the body so you can rebuild with stronger and leaner muscle.
  9. Drink lots of water. Without water your body will not regulate properly. Water keeps you hydrated, keeps your body temperature regulated, increases your metabolism and gives you more energy. Being dehydrated does not feel good. You get headaches, you are drained and you will lack energy. You need at least 72 ounces of water a day. The more you are active, the more you need.
  10. HAVE FUN in the process. Nothing more to be said. If you are not having fun and enjoy the benefits of being healthy and fit, there is no point. Being healthy and fit definitely beats the alternative of sitting in a hospital bed with IV's stuck in your arms. This is your Life we are talking about, take advantage of what you have! will change your life!


Brandon said...

i've read this blog a few times and just re-read some of the last few posts. good stuff, keep it up! I liked the post on balance... I too am learning that for sure!

Sports Endurance Enthusiast said...

Great information! I'm having fun exercising all the time!

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