Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So much opportunity

We live in a world that is full of opportunity for us to succeed. Whether or not you believe this statement is up to you. What kind of mindset do you have each and everyday. Do you settle for just being average? Where do you want to go, how do you want to live and how do you want people to portray you? These are questions that need attention on a daily basis. Listen I am not saying that things will just happen. It takes hard work to get what you want. You have to be determined, be pateient and be persistent to succeed. I am giving you five strategies that can help you get more organized, stay down the path to success and keep you driven each and everyday.

  1. Write down your goals. If you just talk about your goals and do not write them down with a game plan to achieve them, then good luck. We can talk all we want about how much money we want, how successful we want to become, how much weight we will lose, and how fit we will get but the truth to the matter is that if we do not write down specific and straight forward goals, it will be hard to accomplish them. I start with 10 year goals, then 5 year goals, then my 1 year goals and then weekly and daily goals. Make weekley lists of things you need to get done in order for you to accomplish your yearly goals. If you think you can remember everything you have to do by memory, again, good luck. Our memory is not as good as we think. When you make weekly and daily "to do" lists you will be more organized and prepared to achieve those small goals. Guess what, when you accomplish your small goals it is more than likely you will accomplish your larger goals. Set dates for your goals. "I want $10,000 in my bank account by January 1st 2010." When you have a date you will work your butt off to make it happen by that date. Goal setting is crucial in every spectrum of Life. Personal, professional, financial, spiritual, and athletic goals are all aspects that need attention. If you want to grow as an individual then this is a big first step to take.
  2. Read everything. Lots of people get caught up just reading material they believe in. "Don't just read things you believe and don't believe everything you read." This is a quote I hear every presenter talk about when I attend seminars. Whatever your profession it is a must you read at least 45 mintues a day on that specific literature. This will make you an expert in your field. If you did this for 2 years imagine the information you will get. Also, read self growth, financial, and motivational literature. This will help you stay positive and keep sparking new ideas for you to learn and grow upon. Reading is such a great thing. We can get all the information from an author that took them 15 years to write in about 2-5 days of reading. In this fitness industry you need Mike Boyle, Alwyn Cosgrove, Mark Verstegen, Gray Cook, and Dr. Stu McGill in your book case. If you don't go out and get their books. For self growth get Stephen Covey, Jim Rohn and Brian Tracy. For spritual and faith get Joyce Meyer. These are just to name a few. There is so much knowledge out there for us to learn. Go out and get it.
  3. Have mentors. You need to surround yourself with successful and positive people. I have some very successful clients. I am always picking their brains about business, finance and personal growth. They are successful for a reason so I am going to get the "tricks of the trade" from someone who has been through the fire. You need people to teach you and guide you down the right path. If you can learn where others made mistakes and learn to not make those same mistakes then you will be one step ahead. You can not do it by yourself. You need people in your life to motivate, inspire, educate, guide, learn from, talk to and most importantly be there for you at anytime.
  4. Balance is key. I am in the thick of this strategy and working on this myself. I love my job and fitness and everything that comes with it. I spend 9-13 hours a day working and another 9-14 hours a week training. So when you break it down, I spend 40-60 hours a week working, 9-14 hours a week training and 56 hours a week sleeping. That right there is 105-130 hours which is 63-77% of the week. I have my wife, my parents, brothers and sisters and my friends. That doesn't leave much time in the week for the people that really mean the world to me. The balance is not there. So breaking it down like this can really put things into perspective. You have to create balance in your life so you will not get burnt out in a particular area. Look at your daily activities and priorities and find balance. You will keep your energy and attention in everything you do.
  5. Wake up and be positive. You have to have the right mental mindset to succeed in anything you set out for. Everyday is a new day to get better, get closer to your goals, inspire the people around you and SUCCEED. Remember, just like the opening statement, there is so much opportunity out there. It is just a matter of going out and creating the ideas and programs. It will not just happen. You must put in the work each and everyday. "If you want something bad enough you just have to go get it, one small step at a time." This is a quote I have up in my office. I read it everyday. Find what motivates and inspires you and go out and make it happen.

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